For Social Involvement and Leadership Resulting In Beneficial Community Impact

Purpose:  The purpose of the Walter A. Robinson Scholarship (WAR) is to recognize high school seniors and college-going student scholars who are making significant contributions in the areas of community involvement and leadership that result in a positive or constructive community impact. These contributions should uplift the human condition and propel underrepresented peoples toward a higher quality of life.

Eligibility Criteria:  Successful candidates must be African American, with a 3.0 minimum GPA. The Candidates must be a high school senior or current college student at an accredited four-year college or university.

Scholar Accomplishments:  The scholarship candidate must display a deep commitment to enlightening and uplifting underrepresented, under-served communities and schools, and should be a catalyst for constructive change. The candidate should provide examples of impactful leadership and demonstrate how this leadership promotes positive advances in the lives of others in need.

The Walter Anthony Robinson Scholarship for Social Involvement and Leadership Resulting in Beneficial Community Impact recognizes students who volunteer valuable time throughout the year to critical programs. The kind of work can vary but should be central to efforts that are vital to the improvement and uplifting of targeted schools and communities. The student should demonstrate a consistent long-term commitment.

About Walter Anthony Robinson

Walter A. Robinson (September 26, 1952 – June 07, 2019) was a revolutionary change agent and trailblazer in education. His commitment to providing pathways to higher education for under-served and underrepresented communities set the national standard for effective, compassionate and impactful academic outreach that is culturally and socioeconomically specific because he understood that “one size doesn’t fit all.” His research and community programming resulted in an entire generation of high school students being rigorously prepared to compete for acceptance at some of the country’s most competitive and elite universities and colleges. He held esteemed positions at University of California, Davis, and Berkeley and the University of Florida.

At each stage of Walter Robinson’s illustrious career, he helped increase the number of students from underrepresented and under-served communities by building life-saving bridges to success between college campuses and hard-to-reach student populations. Walter Robinson understood that one child attending college could create generational change, uplifting an entire family out of poverty and hopelessness. Moreover, he understood that a family could significantly impact an entire community by its example, and from there, a rippling healing effect can occur. Walter Robinson’s family, friends, and colleagues are devastated by his passing, but they know that his great legacy and excellent work will positively impact many generations to come.

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